Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

The hospital industry has had a surge in specialty facilities, most with physician ownership. Many of these facilities have a healthcare system as a major or operating partner. These facilities also have their own special issues, which are often compounded by the ownership structure. Many times an independent consulting firm can identify stakeholder issues related to the reimbursement and financial operations.

Many of these services may assist you in providing the necessary financial management without the constraint of being a financial partner and the possible conflicts that can occur in joint ventures and other investor-owned entities. These services can also provide the necessary compliance reviews to ensure consistency with regulations in order to safeguard the partners.

  • Proper bad debt policy for write-offs for all payer classes
  • Proper preparation of bad debt claims listing
  • Proper reporting of bad debt claim amount (deductible/coinsurance for covered Medicare services)
  • Proper documentation of 120 days of collection efforts for non-indigent patients
  • Review of collection processes for “in-house” and collection agency practices for consistency with current Fiscal Intermediary policies
  • Proper documentation for handling of Medicare as secondary payer claims
  • Proper documentation for supporting determination of indigent status
  • Use of a collection agency for documenting proper collection efforts, including application of the recent Sutter-Merced Appeal policy implementation
  • Proper reporting of recoveries related to prior years claimed bad debts
  • Proper treatment of dual-eligible (Medicare/Medicaid patients)

Our Areas of Service Provide Consultation In:

  • Federal and State Regulations and Reimbursement
  • Compliance and Monitoring
  • Financial and Strategic Consulting
  • Tax Issues
  • Acquisition and Recapitalization
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