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Available Grant for Nursing Facilities

A grant opportunity for Nursing Facilities is available through HHS. It is due no later than 10:30am CT on August 12th. The primary focus of the RFA is to address economic harms to these facilities as a result of the pandemic.

To apply for the Nursing Facility grant, please follow the provided link.

Information related to the NF grant

The minimum award amount is $50,000 per nursing facility and the maximum award amount is $999,999 per nursing facility.

 You will be notified in October 2022 if you have been awarded and these funds will be released in November 2022. You will have 9 months to spend the funds (any cost incurred prior to the effective date of funding will not be allowed).

This is a one-time award and to be considered, you must provide and submit all required information and documentation by the application deadline. There will not be an extension granted on the application.

Eligibility Requirements are as follows (you must meet both):

  1. Actively licensed NF in the State of Texas
  2. Licensed in the State of Texas prior to November 9, 2021

If you would like to discuss this grant, the application, and the scoring criteria and subsequent award tiers, please contact:

Should you receive the award, you will be required to submit a Funding Utilization Report no later than August 31, 2023 where you will be required to show how funds were used, any accomplishments achieved as a result of the funds, and information about how long the funds lasted before fully expended.

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