HHSC has published the IGT dates for the various directed payment programs (CHIRP, TIPPS, RAPPS, etc). We wanted to take this opportunity to share this with you all for planning purposes.

Application Due: Commitment Date: IGT Due:
CHIRP – April 5th CHIRP – April 30th CHIRP – May 28th
TIPPS – April 5th TIPPS – May 1st TIPPS – June 1st
RAPPS – April 13th RAPPS – May 5th RAPPS – June 3rd

TIPPS Update:

We also want to alert you to an issue on the TIPPS application.  The application limits you to 4 Taxonomy codes.  That is not in the rule, and the codes listed have two blatant errors.   One is that the emergency room group is limited to undersea and hyperbaric emergency physicians, and the other is dermatopathology.


We have notified HHSC, but these cannot be correct. HHSC does not see the issue yet, so we are not expecting any fix before the application date.  We are advising to include all groups and NPI’s in the application for those of you that qualify.



RAPPS is for RHC services. TIPPS is for non-RHC services. You can use both, but you must be structured correctly.  The physician, if in a group can bill the non-RHC services and then qualify for TIPPS (if the 250 Medicaid managed care requirement is also met).  If your non-RHC is billed individually, you will not qualify.


As always, please contact us for any help/assistance you may need.

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